Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Ideas and responsibilities

Our vision: To be the leading supplier and server of amino acids in the world.

Our operation philosophy: Innovative technology, Wonderful life.

Our management philosophy: Militarization, domestication, industrialization

Our service philosophy: Good faith, professional service.

Our responsibility: Environment friendly, green development.

Our marketing principle: Higher quality, better service.


EHS management policy

Goal: create security and health by law-abiding, reach goals and improve efficiency by low pollution

Promise: reinforce legal consciousness, clear the responsibility for security and environment, improve and enhance continuously,  ensure the safety of enterprise and the people.

In the whole process including manufacturing, marketing and after sales service, the company strictly follow the requirements of related laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China, correct personal environment and career health and security, totally realize pollution prevention, pollution decreasing and efficiency improving, control risks effectively and reduce accidents to promote healthy development of the enterprises.


Our principle of enterprise social responsibility:

● Eliminate discrimination, improve vocational ability

Eliminate recruiting discrimination; against hiring child laborer; create working and living environment full of happiness and comfort; formulate and implement , encourage equal employment and promotion between male and female, prohibit gender discrimination; organize systematic and professional training for all kinds of people, improve employee quality, vocational ability and development space.

● Reduce risks, guarantee operational safety

Provide safe operational environment, offer labor protection, and ensure employees from being hurt at work place; assess Environment Health Safety (EHS) hazard identification and risks, control from the source; and strengthen EHS training on employees.

● Be friendly to the environment, promote harmonious in community

Through strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction, develop low carbon and recycle economy , increase reuse and echelon use of water resources, use energy-efficient equipment, innovate technology and process, improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse emission, realize sustainable development. Give back to the society, create more job opportunity, actively participate in public welfare programs, and establish complete communication system with the community.

● Management in good faith to achieve win-win development

Integrated with international convention to ensure our products and services in all directions meets or exceeds customer's requirements; protect customer’s reputation and commercial interests from harm; Insist on fair dealing, against bribery and corruption, realize win-win development with our customers and competitors; maintain the market order and pay taxes according to the law; work with supply chain partners, initiate business ethics, promote social and environment standards; against speculate, through internal control and information transparency, improve corporate management, create reasonable return for shareholders.

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